Abstract Submissions are Now Closed!

Thank you to all who submitted an abstract to the first Virtual IC! 

If you have submitted an abstract you will hear of your acceptance/rejection by Thursday, July 2 at 5:00 PM Eastern. 

If your presentation has been accepted and you have registered for the conference, you will receive an email with the link to access Planstone by July 7. This unique access link will take you to the Planstone site where you will be able to upload a brief biography, headshot, and most importantly, your presentation. 

Presentations are due to Planstone by 11:59 PM Eastern on Monday, July 13th. For more information on presentations, please read below.


Since our conference will be held virtually all presentations will be pre-recorded and uploaded to the custom FPS virtual platform system by the presenter. This allows presenters to record presentations at your convenience from the comfort of your home of office. Instructions and a link for access to this platform will be sent to registered presenters within the coming weeks.


In the virtual platform, all related oral and poster presentations will be grouped together in technical sessions. Presenters will upload pre-recorded presentations or posters for attendees to view. During the virtual conference, there will be a discussion dialogue box associated with each presentation in which conference attendees can add comments or questions, and the presenter can respond. Although the virtual conference platform cannot directly facilitate live interactions between presenters and attendees, if session organizers or presenters desire to have live interactions (e.g. using zoom, Microsoft Teams, or some other software), they are encouraged to use the dialogue box to organize such events during the July 27-31 conference. After the conference, FPS plans to archive the virtual conference for FPS members to view in the future.


Planstone has developed the platform for the FPS Virtual IC. Once access has been given to abstract presenters to enter the Planstone site, biographies, headshots, and presentations can be uploaded.


Poster presentations must be uploaded in a PDF format along with an audio file. Planstone will merge the two files so that when your presentation is viewed, attendees will be watching your poster while hearing you give your speech. For a poster template, please click here. Poster presentations should be 10-15 minutes in length.


Oral presentations will be uploaded in a video file format. The best way to accomplish this is to use the record feature in Zoom or a similar platform so that presenters can share their screen (typically of a powerpoint) and discuss their presentation while advancing through the slides. This file can then be uploaded onto Planstone. Oral presentations should be 15-20 minutes in length.


Check out these how-to instructions on how to best record your presentation, here, and for more detailed instructions, click here.